The Blockchain Solution to Marketing Spend Transparency

Published October 28, 2019

Blockchain provides many benefits. One of the greatest benefits is its potential to become a data-driven marketing tool providing transparency through validation. Most people know blockchain underpins many financial alternatives.

In fact, blockchain has become one of the most disruptive, interesting, and challenging creations in many years. Marketing spend and its ability to become transparent hinges on blockchain coming into full functional operation. Blockchain’s core definition is that it enables transactions between two parties without the need for party verification.
If blockchain transparency becomes an application tool used by digital marketers, its ability could create a distributed database that will serve as a single source of truth about ad impressions. It could become the greatest revolution marketing has seen since the invention of television.

Blockchain Transparency

If it keeps evolving the use of blockchain will help marketing spend become much more transparent. Blockchain will be able to empower data to stay with you. Think of it as a key to unlock certain apps, but once done, it’s returned.
Digital marketing is driving towards a science fiction future we’ve only seen on movie screens. Blockchain’s ability to analyze every single transaction a consumer makes could become part of marketing history. In the near future, it’s possible that blockchain would verify your transactions through ad delivery systems.
Blockchain might go one step further. Once implemented, blockchain might be able to confirm the person is real and saw the ad. This would be done according to the specifications of the media marketing contract.

Information Can’t Be Altered Without Recording Changes Made

There’s nothing that’s plagued marketing and advertising like the lack of transparency. Blockchain is currently able to validate transactions through a consensus process. It also commits it to all the ledgers in the network.

It is these ledgers that are the distributed databases that store information from a transaction. By definition, blockchain is a public ledger that stores information that can’t be altered without recording the changes made. You can imagine how, in the near future, blockchain could be developed for use to help define marketing transparency.
Blockchain would provide the how, when, and where an ad records or was shown. You’ll know how many views it received, and how many of those views were from actual human beings from the advertiser’s target audience.

Blockchain Offers a Solution to Marketing Spend Transparency

If blockchain transparency continues to evolve, the benefits to marketing spend transparency would pick up and run. Advertising and marketing companies would be able to disclose reliable information about their business footprint. No fraudulent activity could take place because the transactions are recorded publicly.
Also, transaction data would be disclosed, which ensures the ads paid for were properly sourced.When you want to post an ad, it would be through a highly automated and digital function. This function would occur without any need for trust.
By using programmatic algorithms, you’d be able to ensure your marketing budget spend wasn’t wasted on people who weren’t interested in what you had to offer to begin with. The main goal for blockchain and its benefit to marketing transparency will be through its ability to use data in profiling. It is through profiling you’d be able to ensure your marketing spend went to the targeted population you wanted with the right audience delivery system.

The Marketing Transparency Happy Ending

There are already giants of industry like Kellogg’s and Kimberly-Clark, who are using ad-buying blockchain solutions so they can eliminate the middleman. There’s no perceived downside to blockchain transparency when it’s used as a solution for better marketing clarity and choices by companies and consumers. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest on how blockchain may revolutionize advertising.

At mad4digital, we call the merger of blockchain transparency and marketing spend transparency history in the making with a happy ending. Please reach out to us when you want to explore a digital alternative for your business. Bring the future of humans and technology together for your marketing win.