Emerging Tech Talks – from mad4digital, London

Published February 6, 2019

At mad4digital we champion emerging technology not only because we witness first hand the transformative power it can have on businesses but because of its potential to transform society and traditional systems for the better.

We love to grapple with questions around how we can best use tech to help our client’s businesses grow and how we can best bring our emerging tech clients offering to the world with the big bang it deserves. Figuring out these things means constantly learning by talking with experts, visionaries and innovators in the tech space – (as well as the critics, cautionaries and everyday consumers) – and we constantly find these conversations fascinating and inspiring. Our podcast is our way of sharing those conversations with a wider insight. The emerging tech space can be confusing and slippery with self-proclaimed experts leading those less savvy easily astray. These talks aim to bring clarity from real experts to generate meaningful conversations and, we think, inspire listeners to explore and ponder what emerging tech might do for them.

From our offices in London, one of the world’s most exciting hubs for emerging tech, to you wherever you are. We look forward to sharing these talks with you.

If you fit the bill as a tech trailblazer, founder or expert advocate – and would like to get on the mike with us, we’d love to hear from you – just get in touch.

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