Emerging Tech Talks Episode 6: INDX Capital

Published April 10, 2019

Masternodes… some sort of overlord of the technoverse? No, it’s apparently much more boring than that. But wait – according to INDX Capital founder, Jonathan DeCarteret, in the world of cryptocurrency ‘boring’ is good because it means stable and predictable.

“Masternodes can be viewed as just the next generation of mining. Unlike Bitcoin mining – which requires huge computers, electricity costs –  masternodes just run on everyday servers…The great thing about masternodes is that once you’ve got them up and running they just pump out revenue 24/7 for you.”  

INDX Capital is an index-linked, crypto fund that gives retail and institutional investors access to the passive income benefits from cryptocurrency masternodes. With a STO launch coming up on May 1st, we spoke with Jonathan about the state of crypto, reasons to invest and why with a degree in AI and psychology he picked masternodes… of all things. You can listen to the podcast here.

Guests: Jonathan DeCarteret

Requested drinks: green tea, please!