Emerging Tech Talks. Episode 2 – Nick Ayton

Published February 13, 2019

Welcome to the second episode of our Emerging Tech Talks podcast, brought fresh to your ears from our office at WeWork, Liverpool Street, London.

It was so exciting and informative to speak with Nick Ayton that we let the clock run on. Nick is a dynamic, prominent (and controversial) figure in the cryptocurrency, tokenomics and blockchain space – so of course it was a thrill to have him share his thoughts with us.

Self-confessed libertarian, founder and CEO of Chainstarter (a token primary issuance platform), Family Office Advisor and committed cypherpunk – Nick joined us to give us the lowdown on a variety of topics: what it means to him to be a libertarian, why we should continue to believe in crypto, what the good guys in crypto are getting up to, how it was to be invited to advise the Korean government on Blockchain and DLT, why despite his love of London he feels the City is falling short, and what his predictions are for the future of technology. Fair to say we covered a lot and we hope you find it both as educational and entertaining as we did.

“…in every market you have good actors and bad actors, in every market you have people who are looking to game the system and use the system for bad things. The most criminal currency in the world is still the US dollar. You can take $500 out of a cashpoint machine, buy a gun and shoot somebody.” Nick Ayton

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