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SEO ideas that Google loves & customers appreciate

SEO – Unlocking Growth Potential

With Google processing over 3 billion searches per day, the opportunity to win more business and build your brand is literally at your fingertips. One of the major advantages of SEO (search engine optimisation) is to drive organic traffic to your website.

However, it takes time for a business to rank in search results, so it’s crucial to think about online optimisation at outset. Whether you are looking to increase traffic to your current website or planning to build a new website – SEO is key.

“Our organic traffic continues to grow month on month, the team have done an outstanding job helping us to build the Technical SEO aspects of our site and the on-going SEO forms core part of our marketing strategy”

Lottie – Instinctif Partners

Content Marketing

If your customers find your content useful and interesting, then Google will, too. mad4digital SEO services create relevant stories and shape your brand voice so that your words motivate readers to act. In other words, we help businesses create content that drives sales. And if you don’t have time use our PAYG marketing service to get help with developing content for your blog or social media platforms.

SEO intel (website design)

Our SEO specialists work closely with our web developers to ensure that they take Technical SEO aspects of a site build into consideration at the beginning of the process. And when the website build is completed we conduct a final review to quality check the set up and ensure all SEO aspects are tracking correctly. This helps save time and money in the long run and helps build your online footprint.

Driving Repeat Visits

It’s important to constantly generate new content so potential customers have a reason to come back time and again. Interesting content that has the right mix of keywords relevant to your brand is crucial to getting your brand out there. As well as developing content for your website, we can also develop content for link building purposes. To discover how we can help you improve your online ranking get in touch.

SEO Audit

Before you jump in – let us take a look at your site to find out how we can help. Our SEO audit includes Technical SEO checks, On-site organic performance, competitor and social media review. Book an SEO audit today!

Get SEO Compliant

Getting started with SEO is simple. The first step is to conduct an SEO technical audit to check if your website is SEO-compliant. Then you need to prioritise the actions and ensure that you address as many of the factors as you can. This will help improve your chances of being found online, both by search engines, and your potential customers. You can do some of the work yourself, but you might need some help. mad4digital will work with you to develop an SEO plan that fits with your budget.

There are a number of actions that can lead to a Google Penalty resulting in lost website traffic and revenues. Here is a shortlist of actions that can put your site at risk:


Backlinks – Purchased links pointing to your site from an external source

404 errors – indicates that you are not serving your users with information they need

Keyword stuffing – results in poorly written content

Hidden Links – all should be visible to users any that is hidden is considered suspicious

Broken links – not fixing them for a period of time, Google thinks you don’t care about users

Site Speed – slow to load websites

A high ranking is great, but SEO alone is vulnerable to algorithm changes. mad4digital will devise a marketing plan that blends SEO activity with social media without draining your budget. And for businesses who only wish to focus on improving their website SEO performance – our SEO team provide monthly support delivering keyword analysis, optimisation, performance monitoring and training to help you get on track.

So what's next?

We are mad4 the challenge to level the playing field for growing businesses. Access ideas that will grow your online presence without breaking the bank. We're ready!