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Paid Search

With so many paid search techniques available, the trick is to identify the solution that will generate new leads and reach online prospects that are right for your brand. Our team of paid search specialists offer the ideal mix of expertise (gained from working at Google and top PPC specialist agencies) to support the growth strategies of technology-focused businesses.  

PPC (Get it on PAYG)

Our success is underpinned by our intelligent use of data, frequent testing, constant optimising and our curiosity to do better. Get started with our pay-as-you-go marketing solution.


By tapping into the expertise of our wider team of online marketing specialists (SEO and PPC experts),  we identify the keywords and factors that are right for your enterprise. The idea is to build a holistic picture of your brand.


With less than 140 characters to work with, our PPC experts are skilled at discovering the right set of keywords and phrases to sell your organization. Our copywriters then add that extra touch of magic.

But it doesn’t stop there. To drive conversions, we have highly skilled visual designers who create high performing landing pages.


We leave nothing to chance, and everything to science. Our PPC specialists engage in a program of testing and learning throughout the PPC campaign to deliver the best performance possible.

Our secret sauce is our team–intelligent, tech savvy, highly trained paid search experts with the guile and experience to maximise brands’ online lead generation. Whether you need paid search for a campaign promoting digital assets  or high quality lead generation, get in touch to discover how we can help.