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Stick Sports

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Stick Sports


Marketing Strategy


August 2018

We designed and delivered a campaign strategy to launch Stick Sports new blockchain-enabled game. The first phase of the campaign was to attract investors to the project, this to be followed by a consumer marketing plan to launch the game in India.

Stick Sports is one of the mobile sports games industry’s leading publishers, with a suite of popular stick-sport based games including tennis and cricket. Having pioneered the mobile and free-to-play games format, they are now leading the new era of blockchain-enabled games.

Strategic Approach

With a focus on investors, we worked with Stick Sports and BlockLab – their retained blockchain consultancy – to develop their marketing plan and grow awareness of the project within the crypto investment community. Our work included a complete review of all Stick Sports’ existing channels of communication, guiding the design and set up of crypto relevant channels (e.g. landing pages, Telegram, Medium, Bitcointalk). We also proofed and designed the Whitepaper, Proposition Deck and One-Pager.

To build confidence in the brand we wrote and optimised a number of thought-leadership articles publishing on Medium, Telegram and relevant social media channels. We provided consultation on crypto community-building and guided the design of the project’s public sale website.