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Website & Digital Strategy


Token Lounge


Website & Design Strategy


June 2018

From concept to development we delivered the new brand to market in record time.

The Token Lounge platform provides ultimate security for contributors looking to access ICOs at the Private and Pre-Sale stage. Contributors control their funds. If the soft cap for the ICO’s pool is not achieved, their funds are returned. Learn more…

Over the past year the number of ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) events has skyrocketed. Cited as the new IPO (Initial Public Offering) the market is flooded with opportunities for savvy investors keen to invest in cryptocurrencies. At the same time risk is high as a large majority of ICOs that are in fact scams.

Token Lounge is an initiative developed by a team of crypto experts with deep knowledge of the investment, the crypto market and blockchain (the technology behind it). The company offers investors access to the best, authentic ICO ventures in-market via a simple to use portal. Mad4digital was appointed as the venture’s marketing partner with the brief to develop the new brand’s identity and marketing strategy.

The Result
We developed a distinct logo and thorough brand guidelines
We built a brand new mobile-first website
We created an ambitious content marketing strategy with on-going keyword optimisation to drive discoverability of the brand

Our mad4digital team’s knowledge of the crypto market and experience working with investors in this space, combined with our strong track record in executing digital marketing strategies, enabled the brand to go to market in record time.

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