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The Movement


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Septemeber 2017

To-date political debates, views and general opinions are confined to an elite few mainly those with access to the media. Whilst debates are taking place online the forums available are restrictive and inhibit people’s ability to truly share their thoughts/opinions.

The Movement is an online community (forum) where people irrespective of status, education or wealth can have their say on big political debates. UCG (user generated content) is central to the idea, allowing users to popularize issues through the sheer share of opinion and grow the portal organically. The platform will be moderated to ensure Internet codes of conduct are applied and minimize abuse of the forum.

mad4 was briefed to bring the concept to life by designing the online forum as well as developing the full brand identity.

mad4 get 10/10 from The Movement team. We would recommend them to anyone and we look forward to working with them” – The Movement Co-Founder

Strategic Approach

To deliver the brief we reviewed the current landscape looking at platforms delivering political coverage to help define clear positioning for the brand. We also segmented the user audience and from this designed the key stages of engagement from registration, posting questions, moderating, commenting and sharing.

Logo Design

We also designed a new logo for the brand, that is simple, modern and inclusive. We defined the tone of voice for the brand translating the founders’ vision – casual, conversational and accessible.

Disqus Platform

To simplify the engagement process we integrated the Disqus platform making it easier for users to join the debate on any device, anytime, anywhere.

The Result

A unique online forum unlike any other political debate platforms available in the market today.

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