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The Icon Hunter - Author/Activist


Logo Design, Social Media, Indiegogo Campaign & Website Design


April 2017

Tasoula Hadjitofi is an author and cultural activist with an international reputation for her work combatting art trafficking. In 1997, she coordinated “The Munich Case,” one of the largest art trafficking sting operations in European history since WWII. More than 5000 artifacts were found hidden in the double ceilings and hollow floors of the Munich apartments of Aydin Dikmen, a Turkish dealer known as “The Archaeologist.” Tasoula’s work as a campaigner to protect the world’s cultural heritage spans over 30 years.

Her memoir, “The Icon Hunter” is based on her life’s work and proceeds from her book go to ‘Walk of Truth’ a non-profit organisation she founded to engage the public to help protect global cultural heritage. Her goal is to sell 20,000 books and if she succeeds this will lead to a film deal generating valuable funds for ‘Walk of Truth’ to help her continue her work.

“Modern, well-designed, funky shared office spaces have revolutionised business practices. The opportunities to bring people together to collaborate in a fun and creative environment.” – Tasoula Hadjitofi

The client appointed mad4digital to develop a digital marketing strategy to help her book get discovered online by a wider audience. Our work included following:-
Branding – alignment and development of the clients personal branding including design of a logo.
Website Design & Build – translating the branding and developing the client’s tone of voice.
Social Media Marketing – build the brand’s social media profile and engagement across all relevant platforms (including Reddit & Quora)
Crowd-Funding Campaign – design and execute an ‘Indiegogo’ campaign to maximise reach.