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May 2017

ITP is at the forefront of innovation and technology and is now Europe’s largest dealer of empty cartridges. The company has three main sites in UK and Germany and has built a brand that is trusted to deliver superior levels of quality and  service.

The company is also proud to be ISO 14001 certified.

The Challenge

Average leads per month 120 |  Average conversion rate 3% |  Average cost per Lead £17

As a leader in one of the most competitive markets, ITP strives to continually maintain its advantage. It was a crucial time as a new MD had been introduced to the business and one of his first task was to increase sales. The new MD wanted to increase the volume of leads and a better ROI from the PPC campaigns being managed in house. There was no accurate reporting in place and no historical data to formulate decisions to improve results.

Three ITP companies were running separate campaigns with varying degrees of success delivering an average of 120 leads per month

Mad4 PPC strategy

Mad4digtal was granted approved supplier for a 3 month trial and executed the following;

A website and campaign audit to have a full understanding of the issues and opportunities.

The technical fixes were top of the list, including, optimisation of display network, audience settings, topics and interest settings and device optimisation.

We concluded that there was no overall benefit to having the three individual accounts for each company and therefore recommended to merge the accounts into one. This would allow us to measure performance of the PPC activity and smoother ongoing management.

It was also noted that 45% of conversations were between 9am – 11am and campaign times were adjusted for better optimisation.

After a successful trial and several months into the campaign we were able to report the following results;

Average leads per month 490 = 408% increase

Average conversion rate 12%

Average cost per Lead £7

For any campaign to be successful it is important to have the support of the sponsor and we were lucky to have the full collaboration of the MD.

“We measure all marketing activities by the ROI and we saw a significant increase in both leads generated and the return on investment after 6 months of working with mad4digital. Running the campaign was not without its issues but whenever we were faced with any challenges the team were always available to listen and work towards a quick resolution and I would recommend mad4digital”.  Phil Westerman (MD ITP Group)

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