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Capital Step


New Brand Identity & Website


June 2016

Minimalist website design.  Less is more!
Websites are typically designed with rich photography, however, there are occasions where a simple approach can help to elevate a brand.  A minimalist website with no images was the brief presented to mad4digital by Capital Step.

Launched early 2016 Capital Step offers mid-market businesses access to revenue-based Royalty finance which is an alternative equity that is aligned to performance. Having launched the concept in the UK the founders were keen to quickly assert their market position as an established, confident and innovative brand.

Mad4 were commissioned to develop and design the brand identity translating the concept across key business collateral such as Business Cards, Stationary and Presentation templates.
To bring the brand to life, we were also briefed to design and build a modern simple website that sets Capital Step apart from its near competitors. The client particularly wanted a website that was understated and modern, with no images that conveyed the essence and personality of their brand.

The Result
A new logo was designed and tested for application across all formats from the smallest ie a favicon for the website to the largest. Taking inspiration from the logo, we designed and built a stand-out minimalist website with no images, creative use of typography, visually balanced and perfectly aligned layout.

To add interest an abstract animation was applied that linked well with the symmetrical modern look and feel of the brand. The minimalistic website design effect immediately took Capital Step brand up a notch versus its near competitors delivering the right level of impact to attract and motivate visitors to act. Visit

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