Getting the measure of creativity

Published April 16, 2019

Getting the measure of creativity with good tech

Creativity is a fluid concept and its ambiguous. It also exposes brands to judgement, and while marketing agencies are appointed to help reduce the risk of exposure a survey last year by Neilsen reveals declining confidence amongst CMOs about creative’s ability to drive results. It’s an issue the sector is taking seriously, in recent years, advances in MarTech (marketing technology) have helped to reduce ambiguity in the creative process and to improve performance. Yet with so much good tech and data at our disposal is the creative process as we know it, fit for purpose?

In the current system, awards are the epitome of good creative. However, ads voted for by advertising people are mainly a nod of encouragement to creatives tasked with the business of making an idea compelling and are rarely a measure of the ads overall effectiveness. So how can brands measure creativity?

Measuring creativity

The challenge when measuring creative is that it’s not just one thing. Concepts are composed of images, messaging and channels. Technology so far has worked to address these compositions individually. For example, in a recent white paper, Persado the creator of an AI-powered Message Machine helps brands discover the most effective emotional keywords, descriptions and CTA’s in Retail/eCommerce, Technology and Financial Services. The AI system helps to take the guesswork out of creative messaging thereby improving performance rate and overall creative effectiveness.

Other Martech solutions, like eye tracking for example, continue to evolve enabling advertisers (albeit those with deeper pockets) to analyse how consumers process images in advertisements, helping brands measure the impact of their creative in real world scenarios.  Machine learning (ML) technology is being applied to help brands understand how people think: pioneered by Sky, the broadcaster tested an ML system to deliver content to users based on their moods.

With pervasive use of online platforms and marketing automation tools, measuring channel creativity and media effectiveness is within the realms of all brands not just those with big budgets.

Re-imagining the creative thought process

Whilst technology is helping to take the guesswork out of measuring creativity, the creative process remains subject to trial and error. Ideas that are less effective provide a stepping stone to the development of better ideas – technology now helps to guide that process.

With continued advancement in Martech, we have the opportunity to help reduce the reliance on gut feel and allow for a more inclusive approach that is potentially much more effective. In this scenario, marketing agencies add new perspective – immersed in a system where all parties are involved in the creative thought process. Marketing agencies move from being an external supplier that take briefs to partners that collaborate with the client to develop the brief. Re-imagining the creative process through collaboration and good tech is well within our grasp. Are you ready to collaborate?