Forget trends. In 2019, do what works… for you.

Published January 28, 2019

Over the past year we have been inspired by the variety of marketing initiatives launched in the market but – with an eye trained specifically on performance outcomes – some behaviours are best left behind as you ready yourself for take-off into 2019.

1. Sheep mentality (Me too campaigns)

We’ve seen many great ideas fail to reach their fundraising target or lead generation goals because they invest in marketing techniques and trends that are not relevant for their business. Just because it worked for one brand (even one in the same space as you) doesn’t mean it will work for you. Why? Because the concept has to first and foremost fit with your brand and purpose.

‘Me too’ marketing is costly, it immediately sets your brand up as the alternative (and customers don’t want 2nd best they want best) and tells the market you are a (poor) copy of your competitor.

While it’s true that around £53.8m was generated via UK’s top 4 crowdfunding platforms – representing a total of 83 investments –  we all know that there are likely to be significantly more failures than successes.

2. Chasing the numbers (Where is the love?)

With social platforms forcing brands to pay for visibility, we’ve seen a growing trend towards brands seeking to build their own communities. However, many are chasing the numbers as opposed to ensuring they are delivering something of value to the communities they are seeking to create. Why? Because an engaged community is worth its weight in gold, if you’re serious about building a community, set a realistic roadmap, understand your audience and be sure you understand the difference between a social media manager and a community manager.

Environmental and social good is a growing trend with 33% of consumers stating preference for brands who do so. Building your community requires a heavy dose of empathy (see Currys PC World sign-post to homeless people who scavenge their bins, a local sign that quickly went viral on social media).

The upsides to building your own community are immense, from data ownership, to rewards, to driving referrals, to testing ideas – and the opportunity is no longer the preserve of big brands like Microsoft, Apple, eBay etc.  Technology is levelling the playing field and growing enterprises can now access simple platforms that can support their efforts.

3. Scattergun approach (Say it don’t spray it)

Whether through blogging, emailing, videos, etc, getting your content discovered by your target audience requires investment and a clear channel strategy. Why? Because inspiring your audience and building your brand takes more than just random pieces of content, you have to deliver consistently and with purpose. Furthermore, be prepared for some temporary failures the key is to learn quick and move on.

Content marketing costs 31% less than paid search, however it is a long term effort. Studies show that, per dollar, content marketing produces 3 times more leads.

Whether your project is new or is a more established business, start 2019 by thinking about marketing as an investment not a cost. If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to connect.