How to avoid the pitfalls of online marketing  

Getting bamboozled by technology The Internet of Things (IoT) is touching every aspect of our lives. It’s in our manufacturing, our accounting, our education, our advertising, our transportation...the list goes on. The opportunities to leverage tech is huge, but there’s one major mistake that many companies make: they focus on selling what the technology does rather than talking about how it’s beneficial to the client.

October 22, 2015

6 Fun Facts Behind The Branding Colour Choices of our favourite brands  

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the king of social media, chose blue for his logo due to his colour blindness. Richard Branson chose red as a primary branding colour for Virgin Atlantic in a defiant and rebellious effort to debunk incumbents (historically airlines typically stayed away from using too much red as it is closely associated with danger). Starbucks references money in its brand name; they landed on the colour green to give a tip of the hat to US currency.

October 22, 2015

You Might Need An Impartial Business Advisor, Not a Pat On The Back!  

Mentoring support:- Throughout the mentoring process, you can expect to grow as an individual, but that may not necessarily translate into business success. A mentor can help you build your confidence and character, but this is only one part of growing a successful business. While mentors do provide essential support, the risk is that they may not always have the expertise in your field to give you the best strategic, or relevant, operational advice.

September 30, 2015

Reseller and Referral Program Initiatives – Partnership Accelerators for SMEs  

Strategic partnerships that work Why are more SMEs not forging such partnerships? Using another channel to go to market can be important, particularly for businesses that have limited resources or a reduced network to promote their service or product. Finding a partner is easier than you think; it can help to open new markets or increase the overall output of a company. Why do all the work yourself when you can collaborate and amplify your reach?

April 4, 2015