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Initial Coin Offering Marketing

You put your heart and soul into your idea. Make sure your vision doesn’t fail because of inadequate marketing planning and execution. Identifying the most effective channels for your ICO campaign is one thing; making sure it scales quickly is another.

Over the past year we've built a stellar team of marketing experts focused on making life easier for aspiring Blockchain entrepreneurs. Our credentials straddle both ICO and IPO campaigns, combined with over 20 years' experience executing across a mix of sectors and multiple markets. Our team has recently been involved in campaigns for TATATU, SingularityNet, TraDove and Esprezzo.

Our ICO Marketing Services include:

Content Marketing

Video Production

Influencer Program

Paid Search (Re-marketing)

SEO (on-site & off-site)

Social Media

ICO White Paper Design/Proofing

Email/Newsletter Marketing

Website Design

ICO PR Communications

Branding inc Logo Design

Marketing Planning

ICO Campaign Budget Plan

This varies depending on your Token Sale targets and how quickly you wish to achieve your goals. To get started set budgets for following:

Content Marketing - £10k - £30k this includes email blasts, video production, blog development, and more

Offline Advertising - £50k - £200k+ depending on the brief

PR - £50k media outreach, coverage and publicity management

Social Media - £5k - £50k organic posts and community engagement

Paid Search - £20k - £50k re-targeting prospects in market

SEO - £2K keyword research and website optimisation

Website - £5k - £12k design & build compelling informative website

Branding - £5k includes white paper design, logo design, messaging and positioning.

Our team includes ICO Marketing, Blockchain and Crypto strategists with expertise in designing, executing and optimising high-performing ICO campaigns. Recent projects include TATATU, SingularityNet, Esprezzo and TraDove. Email enquiries@mad4digital to discuss your brief.

ICO Campaign - Our Approach

Our curiosity for the internet of everything has led us to build a cross-functional team of experts and partners who are active in the tech space and knowledgeable about emerging decentralised/blockchain technologies.

Our multi-channel and innovative approach is designed to bring your story to life. It consists of 3 stages:


Total immersion into your business to understand your initial coin offering objectives and challenges. We learn about you and you get to know us. We share what we’ve learnt and our proposed approach.


Go-to-market plan that takes care of all possible engagement pre-ICO, during and post the token sale. At this stage, we design and develop all the necessary assets/channels including PR outreach, leak strategy, website, social media, videos and more. We also work with your chosen partners to make sure we’ve covered all aspects of your initial coin offering campaign, develop your story and provide additional support/consultation where required.


Once the campaign is live, we use a mix of technology and human intervention to optimise the performance of the campaign. From reviewing campaign data daily to securing interviews to posting on social media, we run an intensive program of events that leaves no stone unturned.

Our goal is to deliver a highly successful token sale campaign that reinforces your brand and positions you for life post-ICO. For further information about how we can help you successfully run a token sale campaign, call us today.