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Consumer-empowering AI can benefit everybody

Data equals power

Big Data has had a bad rap from the perspective of consumers, consolidated by data manipulation events like the Cambridge Analytica Brexit intervention and US election meddling. From a consumer’s point of view Big Data has developed a persona not dissimilar to Big Brother. Add AI into the mix and a dystopian picture starts to emerge with all-knowing robots on the horizon coming to steal all our jobs and probably ultimately chuck us off the planet.

Burger King’s AI ad reveals Deep Learning truths, sort of.

Deep Learning has the potential to make ads powerfully personalised.

But what is it? Why will it be better than what went before and how can it help a brand realise and maintain its  potential in a post-GDPR world?

Deep Learning is a facet of machine learning that utilises artificial neural networks that learn by watching, interpreting and then suggesting. Much like a human brain. Importantly, the complex algorithms don’t need input from humans – Deep Learning can take place without human supervision.

AI: the human touch in customer service

Optimise your customer service, please.

Good customer service is vital for good business. Everybody knows this, and yet so many businesses fail to prioritise it or continue to get it wrong. As businesses get more digital, a voice at the end of the phone or a message in a chatbox  is often a customer’s first interaction with the brand. First impressions last. 

What benefit does AI bring to that first impression? Is it possible that good AI can provide a more positive  experience of your brand than a human customer service provider having an off-day?

ICO Social Media — Pray it works or Pay to Play?

As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies fast become mainstream, rules and regulations follow and it’s not always great news. Social media and some digital marketing platforms are already under scrutiny with some outright bans on ICO advertising already in place.

Masternodes  —  a cryptocurrency pension plan for Millennials?

A recent report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)showed that despite a higher percentage of people between the ages of 25 and 35 contributing to workplace pensions since 2012, overall savings have fallen from £12.8bn to £12.2bn. According to Professional Pensions, this situation is unprecedented.

mad4digital appoints Head of ICO Strategy

Marcello Mari is mad4digital’s newest recruit joining in an advisory capacity as Head of ICO Strategy leading the design, development and execution of ICO campaigns. As a marketing agency with a clear focus on tech in general and everything blockchain in particular, it is with real pleasure and excitement that we welcome someone with Marcello’s skill-set and credentials on board.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts – set to transform the professional services?

Contracts and regular people
What do we know about contracts? First of all, what happened to you physically when you read that question? Did you, perhaps, wince slightly, tense-up? Maybe not a physical response: a slight switching-off in the brain, maybe even a desire to cry? Well, that’s all perfectly normal because, let’s face it, for a lot of people contracts are a notorious pain in the neck.


Re-imagining your Brand in a Blockchain World

Think supply chain

As a consumer it’s not easy to verify the claims made by brands. How many times have consumers been surprised, even shocked, to find that their favourite brands weren’t in fact abiding by Fair Trade rules as they claimed to be; that, in fact, only certain lines of their clothing labels were child-labour free.