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Hello! We’re mad4

Thanks for checking us out. We are mad4digital, a tech marketing company passionate about emergent technologies, the IoT, and everything that makes it come alive. We are experts in humanising the brand experience of tech enterprises across a variety of sectors and in developing strategies, websites, campaigns, and promotions to make life easier for growing enterprises.

Tech Marketing

We work primarily with two types of clients: companies who have developed innovative, forward-thinking technology and blockchain entrepreneurs looking for post-STO marketing strategies.

Meet the Team

Emily Aye

Marketing Manager

Donavan Whyte

Commercial Director

Josie Franco

Business Development Manager

Shirley Whyte

Marketing Director

Marcello Mari

Head of STO Strategy - Advisor

Laine Redpath

Content Developer

David Campbell

Marketing Intern

Krisztina Peter

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tamra Carhart

Content Developer

Blockchain Expertise

Our unique partnerships with Blockchain experts and pioneering tech companies sets us apart from other agencies and means that we are uniquely positioned to bring our clients the very latest thinking and solutions from the emerging tech landscape.

Couple this with our digital-marketing expertise and you’ll see why our clients are always ahead of the curve. Whether you need help with a new concept or a growing enterprise, we can help you build your brand the right way.

Delivering the brand promise

We are mad for digital and obsessive about the technologies that drive the internet.  We deliver on our promises everyday: we help businesses of every size to make a marked difference in their marketing efforts. We help them thrive. And we do it with care.

Measurable Impact

We are committed to demonstrating ROI on every project we deliver no matter the size of the task.


We are equally as responsive to innovation as we are to our clients needs.

Unrivalled Service

Every interaction with any member of the mad4 team is a rewarding experience.

Marketing Excellence

We strive to exceed our clients' expectations and consistently deliver the highest quality work.

Pay As You Go Marketing Support

We believe that businesses of all shapes and sizes should be able to reap the benefits of online marketing. To ensure that you are not left behind in the ever-changing online landscape, our pay-as-you-go marketing services harness our team’s talent to help you become self-sufficient online. We don’t just throw ideas at you; we get involved with you and your team to design and execute a marketing plan that helps you meet your overall business goals. Our PAYG marketing service is flexible, affordable and convenient, making it ideal for start-ups and growing businesses.